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  • Below are comments made by parents...

"Thank you so much for this report, it explains so much, and is very comprehensive. It is like the missing link."

"We found your advice to be positive, constructive and not critical of either child or parent (which is appreciated, when as a parent you feel problems are your fault!)."

"We found your observations to be impartial, useful, enlightening (as parents we think we know our children but they can surprise us!), interesting and insightful, and caused us to reassess."

"He found the sessions very beneficial and so did we!"

"It was good to have someone outside the family help him work out strategies for effective working."

"Now we feel we understand him better and feel more confident about our approach."

"I found your input extremely useful."

"There is such a big improvement in him; he seems so much happier and relaxed.  I am very pleased with his school report, it is the best for a long time!"

"He sometimes now shows an ability to approach me when he feels cross or angry or when he feels that I am being too unfair towards him, which is quite a milestone."

"I think your service is very useful and valuable."

"I firmly believe it was money well spent as he has matured so much as a result of what he has gained from you."

"You have helped provide him with an “emotional toolkit” for the future, and we are sure that he will put it to positive use."

"We are very pleased we contacted Paul regarding concerns about our 9 year old son. We found it really beneficial to talk things through with him and we quickly came to trust his judgement and advice. The work Paul did with our son was very specific using the information we had supplied. Our son quickly formed a positive bond with Paul and enjoyed his sessions with him. We would definitely consider contacting Paul again in the future and would recommend his services to others."

I want to thank you for your help initially, as I wonder without it if we would have
reached this point otherwise.

Understanding our son more helps us so much and we can get him more support too. Everyone who has used your report has found it really beneficial.

Dr Paul Kelly D.Ed, M.Ed, PGCE, GCLCM, CPsychol